Taking a Closer Look at the Lado Protsahan Yojana to Empower Rajasthan

In the sprawling landscape of India, Rajasthan stands out not only for its vibrant culture and majestic heritage but also for its concerted efforts towards social empowerment and gender equality. One such initiative that shines brightly in the state’s development narrative is the Rajasthan Lado Protsahan Yojana. Launched to address gender disparities and promote the welfare of the girl child, this scheme has made significant strides in uplifting families and communities across Rajasthan. 

Understanding the Lado Protsahan Yojana:

The Lado Protsahan Yojana, translated as the “Girl Incentive Scheme,” was introduced by the Government of Rajasthan with the primary objective of encouraging the birth and upbringing of girls in the state. The scheme was initiated in 2008 and has since undergone several enhancements to make it more comprehensive and effective. Through a combination of financial incentives and social support, the scheme aims to combat gender bias and promote the well-being of the girl child from infancy to adulthood.

Key Components of the Scheme:

Financial Assistance: One of the central pillars of the Lado Protsahan Yojana is providing financial assistance to families upon the birth of a girl child. Under this component, eligible families receive a monetary benefit to support the initial expenses associated with raising a girl child. This financial aid serves as an incentive for families to welcome the birth of a daughter with joy and without the burden of financial constraints.

Conditional Cash Transfers: In addition to the initial financial assistance, the Lado Protsahan Yojana offers conditional cash transfers to encourage the education and well-being of the girl child. Families receive periodic payments upon fulfilling certain conditions such as ensuring the girl’s regular school attendance, timely immunizations, and adherence to health check-ups. These incentives act as catalysts for families to prioritize the education and health of their daughters, thereby breaking the cycle of gender discrimination.

Skill Development and Training: Recognizing the importance of equipping girls with skills for future employment and self-reliance, the Lado Protsahan Yojana includes provisions for skill development and vocational training. Girls approaching adulthood are given opportunities to undergo training in various trades, empowering them to pursue gainful employment or entrepreneurship. By investing in girls’ skills and capabilities, the scheme paves the way for their economic independence and empowerment.

Impact of the Lado Protsahan Yojana:

Improved Sex Ratio: One of the primary objectives of the Lado Protsahan Yojana was to address the skewed sex ratio prevalent in Rajasthan. Through its incentives and awareness campaigns, the scheme has contributed to a gradual improvement in the sex ratio, signalling a positive shift in societal attitudes towards the girl child.

Increased School Enrollment: The provision of conditional cash transfers for education has led to a significant increase in school enrollment among girls in Rajasthan. Families, incentivized by the prospect of financial assistance, are more inclined to send their daughters to school, thereby promoting education as a means of empowerment.

Enhanced Health Outcomes: By incentivizing regular health check-ups and immunizations, the Lado Protsahan Yojana has played a crucial role in improving health outcomes for girls in Rajasthan. Access to healthcare services has increased, leading to better overall well-being and reduced mortality rates among children.

Empowerment of Girls: Through skill development initiatives and support for higher education, the Lado Protsahan Yojana has empowered girls to envision brighter futures for themselves. Many beneficiaries of the scheme have gone on to pursue higher education or establish successful careers, breaking barriers and inspiring others in their communities.

Challenges and the Way Forward:

While the Lado Protsahan Yojana has made significant strides in promoting gender equality and empowering the girl child in Rajasthan, several challenges persist. These include entrenched patriarchal norms, limited access to resources in remote areas, and the need for sustained awareness campaigns.

To address these challenges and build upon the successes of the scheme, concerted efforts are required at multiple levels. This includes strengthening grassroots-level implementation, expanding the reach of the scheme to underserved communities, and fostering partnerships with civil society organizations and local stakeholders.

Additionally, there is a need for continuous monitoring and evaluation to ensure that the benefits of the Lado Protsahan Yojana reach the intended beneficiaries effectively. By incorporating feedback from beneficiaries and adapting to evolving socio-economic dynamics, the scheme can remain relevant and impactful in the years to come.


In a state known for its rich cultural heritage and historical significance, the Rajasthan Lado Protsahan Yojana stands as a beacon of hope and progress. By placing the girl child at the centre of its development agenda, the scheme exemplifies Rajasthan’s commitment to gender equality, social inclusion, and human development. As we celebrate the achievements of the Lado Protsahan Yojana, let us also reaffirm our collective resolve to create a future where every girl has the opportunity to thrive, succeed, and fulfil her potential.

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