India’s Top 10 Famous Fashion Designers 2023

In a nation as culturally rich and diverse as India, fashion has always been an integral part of its identity. The confluence of tradition and innovation has given birth to some of the most brilliant fashion designers in the world. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at India’s top 10 famous fashion designers of 2023, who have left an indelible mark on the global fashion landscape.

Best Fashion Designer

1. Manish Malhotra – The Icon of Bollywood Fashion

Manish Malhotra is a name synonymous with Bollywood glamour. His couture creations have graced the red carpets and silver screens for decades. Known for his intricate embroidery and timeless designs, Manish continues to be the go-to designer for Bollywood’s elite.

1.1 Signature Style

Manish’s signature style combines traditional Indian craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics, creating outfits that are both opulent and elegant.

2. Sabyasachi Mukherjee – The Master of Ethnic Elegance

Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s designs celebrate the rich heritage of India. His bridal collections are a dream come true for every Indian bride. With a keen eye for detail, he weaves magic into every ensemble he creates.

2.1 Reviving Handloom

Sabyasachi is known for reviving handloom textiles and promoting sustainable fashion practices.

3. Anita Dongre – The Queen of Prêt-à-Porter

Anita Dongre has carved a niche for herself in the world of ready-to-wear fashion. Her designs are a perfect blend of tradition and modernity, making them accessible to women from all walks of life.

3.1 Grassroots Empowerment

Anita’s commitment to sustainable fashion extends to her support for rural artisans and women’s empowerment.

4. Tarun Tahiliani – The Haute Couturier

Tarun Tahiliani is synonymous with haute couture in India. His creations are a testament to the craftsmanship and luxury that Indian fashion designer can offer.

4.1 Fusion Fashion

Tarun is known for seamlessly blending Indian and Western aesthetics, creating outfits that are truly unique.

5. Ritu Kumar – The Grande Dame of Indian Fashion

Ritu Kumar’s designs are a reflection of India’s rich textile heritage. Her creations have been adorned by royalty and are a symbol of timeless elegance.

5.1 Heritage Revival

Ritu Kumar is on a mission to revive forgotten textile traditions and crafts.

6. Rohit Bal – The Master of Couture

Rohit Bal’s avant-garde designs are a sight to behold. His runway shows are a visual feast, and his passion for art is evident in every stitch.

6.1 Artistry in Fashion

Rohit’s designs often draw inspiration from art and culture, creating fashion that is a work of art in itself.

7. Neeta Lulla – The Bridal Maestro

Neeta Lulla is celebrated for her bridal couture. Her intricate and ornate designs have made her a favorite among brides-to-be.

7.1 Bridal Extravaganza

Neeta’s bridal collections are a blend of tradition and opulence, making every bride feel like a princess.

8. Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla – The Design Duo

Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla are a dynamic duo known for their extravagant designs and creative collaborations.

8.1 Redefining Luxury

Their designs redefine luxury fashion designer in India and have a global appeal.

9. Masaba Gupta – The Queen of Quirk

Masaba Gupta is known for her quirky and unconventional designs that challenge the norms of traditional fashion.

9.1 Breaking Stereotypes

Masaba’s fashion statements often break stereotypes and celebrate individuality.

10. Manish Arora – The King of Kitsch

Manish Arora is the king of vibrant and eccentric designs that embrace a kaleidoscope of colors and patterns.

10.1 Colorful Couture

Manish’s designs are a celebration of individuality and self-expression.

In conclusion, India’s fashion industry is a kaleidoscope of talent, and these ten designers stand at the forefront, shaping the country’s fashion narrative in 2023.

Best Fashion Designer in India

Certainly! In India, the title of “Best Fashion Designer” is highly subjective and can vary depending on personal preferences and opinions. However, there are several renowned fashion designers in India who have gained international recognition and acclaim for their work.

  1. Manish Malhotra
  2. Sabyasachi Mukherjee
  3. Anita Dongre
  4. Tarun Tahiliani
  5. Ritu Kumar
  6. Rohit Bal
  7. Neeta Lulla
  8. Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla
  9. Masaba Gupta
  10. Manish Arora


  1. Who is the most famous fashion designer in India in 2023? In 2023, Manish Malhotra continues to be one of the most famous and influential fashion designers in India.
  2. Which Indian designer is known for sustainable fashion? Sabyasachi Mukherjee is renowned for his efforts in promoting sustainable fashion and reviving handloom textiles.
  3. Who is the queen of bridal couture in India? Neeta Lulla is often referred to as the queen of bridal couture in India, thanks to her ornate and intricate designs.
  4. Which designer is known for unconventional and quirky fashion? Masaba Gupta is celebrated for her unconventional and quirky fashion designs that challenge traditional norms.
  5. Who is the master of kitsch fashion in India? Manish Arora is known as the king of kitsch fashion in India, famous for his vibrant and eccentric designs.
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