70th BPSC Notification and Exam Dates: Everything You Need to Know

The Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) is a constitutional body responsible for recruiting candidates for various government posts in Bihar. Every year, BPSC conducts competitive exams to select candidates for administrative positions, among others, offering a lucrative opportunity for aspirants. Among its crucial announcements, the 70th bpsc notification holds significant importance, shaping the career paths of numerous individuals.

Overview of 70th BPSC Notification

The 70th BPSC notification serves as a gateway for aspirants seeking esteemed positions in Bihar’s administrative framework. This notification encompasses vital details regarding the examination, including eligibility criteria, exam syllabus, and application procedures. Released periodically, it garners considerable attention from candidates across the state.

Understanding BPSC Exam Dates

For aspirants, understanding the BPSC exam dates is paramount. These dates dictate the entire timeline of preparation, application, examination, and subsequent procedures. Being aware of the exam schedule allows candidates to plan their studies efficiently and approach the examination with confidence.

Preparation Strategy for 70th BPSC Exam

To excel in the 70th BPSC exam, a well-thought-out preparation strategy is indispensable. Aspirants should delve into comprehensive study materials, manage their time effectively, and regularly practice through mock tests and previous year’s question papers to familiarize themselves with the exam pattern.

Eligibility Criteria for BPSC

Before applying for the 70th BPSC exam, candidates must fulfill the stipulated eligibility criteria, including educational qualifications and age limits. Adhering to these criteria ensures a smooth application process and eligibility to appear for the examination.

Syllabus for 70th BPSC Exam

Understanding the syllabus is crucial for aspirants to streamline their preparation efforts. The syllabus for the 70th BPSC exam encompasses various subjects and topics, providing candidates with a clear roadmap for their studies. Familiarizing oneself with the syllabus aids in prioritizing topics based on their weightage in the examination.

Application Process

The application process for the 70th BPSC exam involves several steps, including online registration, fee payment, and document submission. Aspirants must adhere to the guidelines laid out by the commission to ensure a hassle-free application process.

Admit Card Availability

The admit card serves as a crucial document for appearing in the BPSC exam. Candidates can download their admit cards from the official website by providing the requisite details. It contains vital information such as exam date, time, and venue, necessitating its safekeeping until the examination day.

Exam Centers

BPSC allocates exam centers based on candidates’ preferences and availability. Candidates must select their preferred exam center during the application process, considering factors such as proximity and accessibility. Adhering to the guidelines at the exam center is imperative for a smooth examination experience.

Exam Day Guidelines

On the day of the exam, candidates must adhere to certain guidelines and instructions issued by the commission. Arriving at the exam center well-prepared and abiding by the rules ensures a conducive environment for taking the examination.


The 70th BPSC notification and exam dates mark significant milestones for aspirants aspiring for administrative positions in Bihar. By understanding the intricacies of the examination process, adhering to eligibility criteria, and devising a robust preparation strategy, candidates can embark on a journey towards fulfilling their career aspirations.


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